Radio Synth

SYNTHESIZER RADIO – George Philip Birney

Dit is mijn synth radio met alleen zelf gemaakt tracks. In het boven menu “SYNTHESIZER” zijn er nog wat andere synth players te selecteren.


Tracks are played in RANDOM order. Click the blue X button (player’s bottom left) – it will turn from blue to black – to switch to SEQUENTIAL order.


Tracks been created with various devices, some of them I still have, most are sold:


synths: Dreadbox NYX, Doepfer Dark Energy II, Korg Volca Bas, Moog Mother 32, Roland JV-1010, Roland SH-32 (for sale on eBay), Waldorf Rocket, Waldorf Streichfett.

other: Arturia BeatStep Pro x 2, Arturia KeyStep x 2, Behringer Digital Reverb Delay DR400, Behringer MX400 Line Mixer, Boss Dr Rhythm DR-3, Earthquaker Avalanche Run, Kaoss KP3, Micro Granny II Sampler, Monacor MPX8200 Stereo Audio Mixer, Mooer SkyVerb, Vocoder VO-1.


Access Virus ti2 (sold), Audiothingies MicroMonsta (sold), Boss RC-505 Loop Station (sold), Doepfer Dark Energy I (sold), Korg T1 (sold), Korg T2ex with M1 banks (sold), Microkorg XL (sold), Novation KS Rack (sold), Novation Nova (sold), Novation Supernova II (sold), Roland MC-909 Sampler Sequencer (sold), Roland MC-808 Sampler Sequencer (sold), Roland MC-505 Groove Box (sold), Roland MC-303 Groove Box (sold), Waldorf Blofeld (sold), Waldorf Pulse (sold), Yamaha rm1X Groove Box (sold).