Who Are Me I Myself

Who The Fuck Are Me I Myself?

George Philip Birney was born in 1951 at The Hague, Netherlands. In the 1960’s he got deported into an orphan house at Voorschoten, Netherlands, since the divorce of his parents (after he planned to kill his violent father) after being molested for over a decade. He was a drop-out-off-in at nearly every school he visited.

In the early 1970’s he started his career with mainframe computers. After his military duties at the NATO airbase in Germany where he learned to fly small planes, he returned to Holland, where he joined Mensa where he was the only one to score maximum on all their IQ tests. He was involved in a special interest group of paranormal research. In the late 1970’s he became Chairman of Mensa, but short after, he decided to quit Mensa due to what he actually saw what Mensa is really about: just ego-tripping by a bunch of stigmatic retards and nothing else.

In the mid 1970’s he started playing analog synthesizers, piano, classical guitar and renaissance lute, and produced his own compositions. At that period, he started researching astrology, theosophy, meta-physics and alternative energy technologies.

From the mid 1970’s through the end 1980’s he earned his DSc of information technology, PhD of cybernetics, MSc of chemical engineering, and MBA of general management. Early 1980’s he moved to Geneva in Switzerland to work as a systems design consultant, project manager, and as university Professor of Information Management and Systems Design, a post he held for 10 years. His hobbies included alpine skiing competition class, hang gliding, and star gazing with large mirror telescopes.

Then he joined Scientology in Geneva, Switzerland, where he completed Scientology basics and Dianetics Auditing studies, and then in the UK for some language studies and grade processing. Early 1990’s he quit Scientology after confronts with the leader David Miscavige of whom he could spot covert criminal plans. He did not join any organization of any kind ever since, and never will.

On Sunday, June 26, 1993, 18:09 CET, he (and one of his students) had a UFO fleet sighting and a dual UFO overhead encounter on Mount Saleve near the border of Geneva for the duration of approx 70 minutes clock time. Next day he wrote the base script for his books Alien Earth and GeneSys that are currently on hold in the queue for a rewrite.

Through some weird “undercover” contacts and “secret” information flows that followed the sighting he started to write non-fiction books about hidden knowledge and black project conspiracies. Following some strange UFO related contacts, he had some mysterious private issues that made him leave Switzerland abruptly and flee to Holland, never to return to Geneva.

In Holland he worked for engineering companies as a business executive and public speaker in the oil & gas industry. He frequented Europe as well as the Middle East Gulf Region, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait and other places, as a senior consultant of refinery information systems, public conference speaker and program manager for refinery information systems.

Short after 9/11 he lost all of his businesses and private assets, got into major debts, and was back at zero. He did some small jobs for some time, but soon he faced a decade of losses, both financial and immaterial. He did some work as a part-time small business consultant, recovered from misery, and started to write some books, and does so to this day in present time.

Now that he’s on retirement, he works a bit as a martial arts teacher, and as an independent (relationship) Astrologer in Holland known for his highly accurate analyses. He also provides hybrid mind services, a mix of BioZap, Dianetics, FreeZone, Scientology, and especially the Imagination Processes of MGTC, to help his astrology clients get relief from emotional distress.

He keeps financial low profile retirement and has no material ambitions. Just some hobbies that include creating synthesizer music, teaching martial arts, occasional skiing & hang gliding, and doing photography to be viewed at National Geographic. He is also on Twitter.

His words: “I have had all my dreams come true. And my nightmares. These were interesting times. My next voyage is in sight. My slogan is: “You die only once this life, so do not miss that opportunity”. Hehe just kidding!

IDGAF = I Don’t Give A Fuck. You don’t like my productions? Well, I don’t like yours, and GFY = Go Fuck Yourself ;-)